I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the NASDAP Website established to better support you and your work as Secondary School Assistant and Deputy Principals in New Zealand.  The work that you do is crucial to the success and development of the young people of New Zealand.  It is a complex and demanding job and NASDAP is here to support you.

NASDAP is focused on 7 main areas, these include.

  1. Provide a National voice on issues of concern to Assistant and Deputy Principals.
  2. Raise the status of Assistant and Deputy Principals as a profession.
  3. Create a forum where all Assistant and Deputy Principals can share ideas and experience.
  4. Provide support and guidance to promote the development of competent, well-informed, and confident Assistant and Deputy Principals.
  5. Provide a range of educational conferences, seminars and other forums for professional learning and development.
  6. Promote a comprehensive information-sharing network.
  7. Foster links with relevant educational groups.


The NASDAP Executive have representatives from the 10 regions.




Bay of Plenty

Hawkes Bay/East Cape







The Executive is committed to working in the interests of the members of NASDAP.  We are proud of what we have achieved and excited by what is still to come.